Magnetic screen curtains Much more affordable

Take a breath of that fresh spring air with our easy to install and yet durable magnetic screen door!

With 26 magnets sewed in the middle edges of the each panel, the screen doors can automatically closed with no gaps.

Installed outside the door with fast pasted hook&loop, using push pins when necessary to make the screen door more sturdy

Hands-free, Allows for easy walkthrough while your hands are full.

Pet friendly, Dogs and cats can go inside and outside of the house with ease. Screen net helps keep insects, mosquitos, and flies out.

Key advantage:
*With 26 magnets sewed in the middle edges, not easy to break, but more economic
* high-visibility poly mesh allows clear views while keeping bugs out; durable and washable
* hand-free when walking through, automatic closing, pets and children friendly
* Easy to install, DIY design

26 magnets sewed inside can be closed automatically

Walk trough no need hands, automatic closing with powerful magnets Pet friendly and children friendly Color options: Black, grey, white


Polyester mesh provides great view while keeping bugs out

Any size can be customized DIY design, effortless installation, no tools are required


Full frames of hook&loop

Full frames of hook&loop, strong adhesive power, no gaps Pushpins can be used when necessary PE bag package, or color box



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