Plisse screen door

Aluminum plisse screen door SMT-P-001A1, SMT-P-001A2, SMT-P-001C1, SMT-P-001C2

Enjoy the warm summer evenings with the windows and doors wide open. Sleep a restful and well-deserved sleep undisturbed. The pleated insect screen door protects you in an ideal and non-toxic way from annoying insects.

Easy to open and close
The insect screen plissé folds or unfolds almost silently. It always stays where you let it go.

Space-saving folding system
When open, the pleated screen mesh disappears entirely into the side frame profile.

Easy to assemble
The aluminum frame can simply be screwed to the door frame for both front-fixing or recess fit.

Stable aluminum profiles are light-weighted and durable

Aluminun alloy materials are more stable and solid We are able to produce any RAL color strictly according to your requirements


High-quality robust polyester pleated mesh

Can fold back perfectly when no in use, saving space Clear view materials do not compromise outside view UV-resistant


Pre-assembled materials are available

5.8m length of raw materials can be supplied



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