Windproof Ziptrack Motorized window Roller Blinds

Zip blinds are steadfastly rising to become one of the preferred blinds for balconies and patios in many countries, whether for commercial or residential spaces. Not surprisingly, zip blinds have been increasingly replacing traditional outdoor roller blinds due to its sleek modern look, ease of use, durability and low maintenance nature.

While traditional outdoor roller blinds require manual cranks, zip blinds are fully motorised with their own holding mechanism. Due to their lightweight material, manual pulling and lifting of the blinds become an easy feat – particularly since a specially designed track allows for seamless guiding of the blinds. Smartex Zip Blinds minimum gap feature means that you get a more comprehensive protection against the sun’s UV rays, glare, drizzles, draughts, debris and even insects.

Smartex Zip Blinds are truly wind tight in any position for up to 130km/h, thanks to its windproof technology.

Not only that, the screen also performs an insect repellent role when closed, allowing you to enjoy good ventilation in your house without worrying about insects invading your space. All the Smartex solutions are fully automated for homeowners to control the temperature as well as protection against UV rays, glares or even annoying reflection at the tips of their fingertip.

Motor or Manual models are available

Special zip track system, Wind resistant: 12 scale Removable motor bracket, for easy replacement of the motor


Separate guiding rails, easy to assemble and disassemble

Inner tracks with polymer waring layer, more durable Bottom rail with inner strips, Seamlessly closed and quiet


5.8m pre-assembled aluminum bars materials can be provided




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