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Aluminum Frame Screen Door

Screen door is retractable insect screen DIY kits for doors. Comfortable and environmentally friendly protection from flying pests.

Product Details

The aluminum frame screen door can be used in all kinds of doors, including those that have no door recess space. 

The aluminum frame screen door has a smooth extruded frame with powder-coated treatment. It is also reinforced with an aluminum extruded central crossbar which prevents the insect screen door from sagging.

The 4-frame full integrated sealing brush (woolen strips) along the entire perimeter ensures that not tiny bug will squeeze through.

The Insect screen door is equipped with self-closing hinges. In the closed position, it is held in place with magnets so that it does not spontaneously open or rattle. For the sake of good performance, the maximum dimension is 120cm x 240cm.

You can choose the frame color, white/brown/gray (RAl7012) / anthracite (RAL 7016), and Mesh color (black or grey)


*The frames are composed of durable aluminum alloy frame

*PVC-coated fiberglass mesh effectively keeps the bugs out and it is replaceable

*Loaded with Self-closing Hinges so that it can be closed automatically

*Nylon parts, easy to operate

*Color options: White/Brown/Grey/Other Colors


Product Name

aluminum frame screen door 

Model Number


Size Scope

Standard size:




Open Style

Swing and hinged

Purchase Mode

Ready to assemble


Simple installation, DIY Design, size adjustable


Material: Aluminum Alloy
Profile Color: White(RAL9016)/Brown(RAL8017)/RAL(you choose)


Fabric: High-Grade Fiberglass Insect Screen coated with PVC
Mesh Color: Grey / Black


Mounted to the wall


Powder coating





Brand Name



Bedroom doors, kitchen doors, balcony doors, terrace doors


Rigid frame from extruded aluminum profiles

Easy installation and removal

Effective protection against insects.

No need door recess space. Face fit

Packing, Storage, Handling and Transportation

White box coated with shrinking film, then outer carton box

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