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Best pool enclosure tuff screen directly from factory-380
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Best pool enclosure tuff screen directly from factory


1. 18X14 Fiberglass insect screens

2. 20X20 Fiberglass insect screens

3. Tuff screen 16x14, 17x20

MOQ: 3000M2                          Model: SMT-Z-006

Brand: Smartex                          Payment: L/C

Place of Origin: China               Certification: Reach, Rohs

Price: Negotiable                       Packing details: Carton box

Delivery time: 20 days, depending on quantity

Product Details

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Smartex’s 18 x 14 Fiberglass Mesh Insect Screens can provide both necessary filtering and extra strength. Smartex’s mesh insect screen is tight enough to keep most bugs at bay while still allowing sunshine and gentle breezes in. Available in charcoal and silver gray, this product is a popular choice that delivers fantastic value.


While an 18 x 14 mesh will deter most insects, no see ums, gnats, sand flies and other little pests can sometimes slip through it. That’s why some customers choose Fiberglass 20x20 pool screens. This tighter weave has 20 openings into each linear inch of screening. The 20 x 20 mesh is a charcoal colored vinyl-coated glass yarn. The result is a top-quality screen that will not rust, corrode or stain. Plus, it bars the entry of even tiny bugs without impeding your view of the world outside your pool or patio enclosure.


Tuff Screen combines enhanced durability with a tight weave. Tuff Screen is a durable, hard-wearing screen that won’t flinch at high winds, active kids or curious pets. his versatile product is perfect for areas where there’s a risk of rough-housing or rough weather. While it allows you to see out, it’s dense weave and black color make it harder for the neighbors or passersby to see in.



Fiberglass Pool   & Patio Screen

Tuff Screen

Polyester Pool & Patio Screen

Tuff Screen

Polyester   Pool & Patio Screen





Mesh size








Yarn Diameter





Black, Charcoal

Roll size

36", 48", 60", 72", 84, 90",   108", X 100ft or customized


Patio door, swimming pool





Product Advantages

  • 1
    Pest resistant

    You and your guests don't have to worry about being bitten by insects while having fun. Your pool screen will prevent its lights and moisture from attracting unwanted insects

  • 2

    These screens are known for their durability. They will always protect you from everything from neutral elements to hard objects such as golf balls from your pool

  • 3
    Cats and dogs protective

    Unfortunately, many people today have outdoor cats. These cats are not only known for strays, but also curious. Even if you are the owner of your dog, your pet will naturally be curious. The last thing you want is to put these animals in danger. With a screen enclosure, you can rest assured that these pets will not be injured

  • 4
    UV resistant

    Sometimes pool screens are bleached by UV light, but this never happens with Smartex screens

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