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Chinese supplier faux wood cafe style shutters


1. Composite shutters offer an easy way to control light and privacy and can be customized with a variety of options to ensure you get the perfect combination of form and function.

2. They are an affordable alternative to real wood shutters and ideal for homes in high-moisture climates.

3. Low maintenance and easy to clean with just mild soap and water, making them the perfect solution to high-traffic areas.

MOQ: 15 M2                             Model: SMT-PS-001

Brand: Smartex                         Payment : L/C, T/T,ETC, Western Union

Place of Origin: China                     Certification: SGS

Packing details: PE foam+ PE board+ Cartons     Delivery time: 20 days, depending on quantity

Product Details

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PVC plantation window shutters with 63 and 89mm louver at low price

Composite shutters look like real wood shutters, but thanks to the synthetic materials they’re made from, they are able to stand up to high humidity areas and effectively resist fading and cracking. Because of their durability, composite wood shutters work well in steamy bathrooms and hot kitchens and are excellent window coverings for rooms that receive a great deal of sun exposure.

Product name

PVC shutters

Model Number


Size Scope

W600mm*H2500mm or W900mm(reinforced)*H2500mm


Off White, Snow White, Bright White, Alabaster, Classic White

Louvre/blades Width

 2-1/2"(63mm), 3-1/2"(89mm), 4-1/2"(114mm)

Louvre/blades thickness



Simple installation, DIY Design

Shutter profiles

 Louvers( reinforced louver), Rail, Stiles( reinforced), Frames, Hole Strip, Tilt rod


Shutter Pins, Screws, Hinges, Magnets, Aluminum tube, etc 

Framing Options

L frame; Z frame

Opening way

horizontal, bi-folding, sliding, hinged, etc

Purchase model

Semi-finished materials / fixed Size



Brand Name


The various sectional materials and boards produced by micro-foaming extrusions, such as the wood-like floor, wall-protecting board, top plate, automobile board, board for ship etc. are typical products in the product family. In that invention, the polyvinyl chloride resin is used as the main raw material, adding a proper amount of stabilizer and a foaming agent, utilizing modified ordinary single-screw extruder and the special foaming mold, and the wood grain is extruded at one time to form a micro-foaming plate or a free-foaming plate.

A wide application in residential buildings: Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen, Laundry, Café,  Commercial shop, etc

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