Do you know what is the difference between a swing door and a sliding door?

Feb 3rd,2023

The difference between swing doors and sliding doors has three aspects:

1. The opening mode is different. The swing doors are pushed inward or pulled outward, while the sliding doors are pulled left and right staggered;

2. The installation methods are different. The sliding door uses slide rails;

3. The space requirements are different.




The swing door needs a certain opening space, while the sliding door only needs the space to be pulled left and right. The door is one of the most commonly used building materials when we decorate the house. Usually, there are more swing doors and sliding doors. Should we choose swing doors or sliding doors at home? Let's take a look today.


What is a swing door?

Swing doors are the most common door types in our daily life, commonly known as "board doors". They are divided into two types: single-opening and double-opening. at 0-90°. The size of the swing door leaf is mainly determined by the size of the door opening. The width of the indoor door opening is generally 750-880mm, and the width of the entrance door opening may exceed 1000mm.




What is a sliding door?

Sliding doors, refer to door types that are pushed and opened in a horizontal and parallel manner, and the door leaf is opened by sliding left and right on the door frame tracks. It is generally divided into single-leaf push-pull, double-leaf push-pull, and multi-leaf push-pull. Sliding doors generally require larger door openings. The opening width of double-leaf sliding doors needs to be at least 1450mm, and the door leaf width should be at least 680mm. Single-leaf sliding doors are usually larger than the door opening, and the door is closed in a "blocking" form.





The difference between swing doors and sliding doors:

1. Sealing. The most important performance of an interior door is its privacy, which is determined by the tightness of the door. The side hinged door is mainly composed of a door frame and a door leaf, coupled with the function of the sealing strip, the sealing effect is better. The sliding door is composed of two or even more door leaves, which are staggered in a parallel manner, and there is a certain distance between the door leaves. Relatively speaking, its airtightness is slightly worse than that of the vertical hinged door. Therefore, casement doors are more suitable for spaces that require high privacy and heat preservation.


2. Space occupation. Because the swing door needs a certain angle to open, it takes up a lot of space, and it is not suitable for a small space. The sliding door only needs to be pulled left and right on the slide rail, and will not occupy other space, which is relatively space-saving.




3. Difficulty of cleaning. The difficulty of cleaning the door itself mainly depends on the material it is made of. Generally speaking, the cleaning difficulty of alloy doors is less than that of wooden doors. However, sliding doors need to use slide rails. If there are rails on the ground, it is easy to hide dirt, and it is more troublesome to clean up. Frequent trampling can easily lead to deformation of the rails or abnormal noise, which will affect the service life of the sliding door. Therefore, many families will install upper rail doors when choosing sliding doors, which not only improves the appearance of sliding doors, but also reduces sanitary dead ends.


4. Price. Casement doors are usually calculated according to the price of door, a door includes door pockets, door leaves and hardware, generally does not include door locks. Sliding doors are calculated according to the square, and the price may be slightly higher. Of course, different materials and different craftsmanship will affect the price of the door, and it depends on your needs.




Precautions for purchasing:

1. It is recommended to choose a wood swing door for the bedroom or study door, which has high appearance and good sound insulation, which can better ensure the privacy of the bedroom. Aluminum sliding doors are generally used in kitchens, balconies, bathrooms and other spaces. They have stronger waterproof and moisture-proof capabilities and are easier to clean. If you want high-value sliding doors, you can choose glass sliding doors with narrow frames.


2. The quality of the hardware is also related to the service life of the door. If the quality of the hardware is too poor, the door will be deformed or even fall off in a short time. The same is true for the track of the sliding door. It must have good quality and be quiet, so as to make our life more comfortable.


3. There are more styles and colors for swing doors, but there may not be so many choices for sliding doors at the same price.


5. Swing doors and sliding doors each have their own advantages and disadvantages, as long as you choose a suitable product according to your preferences, budget and overall design style.




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