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Fiberglass Screen Mesh

We, SMARTEX, are a factory boasting possessing a whole set of production line. We manufacture the products from raw fabric yarns to the finished mesh, and then to the finished screen windows & doors.

Product Details

Fiberglass Screen Mesh manufacturer

Supply directly from factory with the economical wholesale prices.

Insect screen rolls:

Fiberglass standard insect screen

Soft mesh

Stiff mesh  
Pet screen
Pool screen


Charcoal/Black, grey, white, etc.


36’’X100 ft; 48’’X100 ft; 60’’X100 ft; 72’’X100 ft; 84’’X100 ft; 96’’X100 ft;
100cm X 120cm; 100cm X 250cm; 120cm X 250cm, etc.


Shrinking film coated with shrinking film

Carton box

Fiberglass screen mesh is economical and easy to operate, hence it is probably popularly used all around the world.

We produce and export to many countries and they all like our quality.

Fiberglass Standard insect screen does not dent, crease. Black/Charcoal, grey, white colors are the common colors.

The dark colors have the best outward visibility.

fiberglass screen for window

Fiberglass insect screen is generally coated with PVC materials. It is resistant to UV, not afraid to direct sunlight, rain, wind, and can be used in adverse weather conditions. It does not block out the wind or sunlight while prevent the insects out.

Fiberglass insect screen offers good ventilation and light transmission. With intense experience, we are able to provide various specifications catering to different needs.

* Fiberglass standard insect screen is also called soft mesh, is commonly used in home windows, retractable door screens. 

* Betterview provides greater visibility if better outward view is required.

* In some areas, customers require stiff mesh for retractable screen systems. We are able to produce most stiff and middle stiff, 300m per roll

* Pet screen is heavy-duty PVC-coated polyester screen mesh designed for use in windows, doors, patio. Its strong feature can resist dogs' or cats' punctures or scratches.

* Pool & patio insect screen, we have heavy duty fiberglass screen 18x14, 20x20; as well as Tuff Screen. They are designed for use in pool, patio, porch and sun room enclosures. Their increased diameter strand is ideal for larger openings where extra strength is needed. 


Window screen repair, screen door, porch screen, patio screening, pet screen, and other professional and DIY screening applications


Easy to cut by a knife or scissors

Do not dent or crease


durable and strong

Various colors

Packing, Storage, Handling and Transportation

Carton box or customized

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