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Insect Net Window

The Magnetic Insect Screen effectively keeps out all mosquitoes and other insects, which is a nuisance and health risk.

Product Details

Magnetic Fly Screen Window

The Magnetic Insect Screen effectively keeps out all mosquitoes and other insects, which is a nuisance and health risk. It is the most efficient and technologically advanced insect screen, designed to keep out mosquitoes and other insects while blending seamlessly with the surroundings. Magnetically sealed against windows and doors, Magnetic Screen is so fine that it is almost invisible. There will be no unsightly bulges or protrusions, while ensuring total protection at all times.

Using tensioning techniques, the screens are almost invisible – does not interfere or obstruct the view from outside or inside;

Does not affect ventilation and acts as filter to keep out dust, ensuring a better living environment

New interlocking clip to place screen firmly in place to ensure screen does not fall off easily

Easy to detach and wash

Easy installation without damaging existing surfaces or dismantle without any damage

Fully customized for all windows and doors



Product name

Magnetic screen window

Model Number


Common Sizes

60*60, 80*80, 100*100, 120*120, 130*150, 150*150, or customized

Open Style


Purchase Mode

Semi-finished materials / fixed Size


Simple installation, DIY Design


Material: PVC
Profile Color: White, grey, light grey, green, brown


Fabric: High-Grade Fiberglass Insect Screen coated with PVC
Mesh Color: Grey / Black


Front Fixing




ISO9001-2000, TUV and CE Certificate, EN13561:2004(European Directives 89/106/

Brand Name



Living room window, bedroom window, kitchen window

Mosquito net for window, magnetic snap closure

The screen can be adapted to the required dimensions.

Magnetic click, no drilling or screws.

To protect against insects such as mosquitoes, flies, wasps

Suitable for all windows, air permeable and semi-transparent, residue-free removal

Packing, Storage, Handling and Transportation

Mail box, then outer carton box

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