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Magnetic Framed Fly Screen

The insect screen window Magnetic is a complete solution that integrates the fiberglass tubing into a flexible plastic frame.

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Magnetic framed window screens are one of the easiest DIY insect screens as it is completely sized adjustable, and can adapt perfectly to various windows.

If the window opens inward, fix the magnetic window screen outside

If the window opens outward, fix the magnetic window screen inside

The adhesive tape can be firmly be attached to various windows. when no use, it can be taken off completely without any residue.

Fiberglass mesh, black color offers the best outward view. Grey color is also popular.

The PVC frame can be cut freely into any sizes to fit on various sizes of windows.

Simply use a knife or a scissor, it can be cut without any effort


Living room window, bedroom window, kitchen window

A complete set of magnetic framed fly screen window is composed of

4x rigid PVC bars

4x magnetic tape with adhesive

4x grooved magnetic strips

1x fiberglass mesh

4x corner connectors

2x wind clips

1x installation manual

Multiple color options with the PVC frames, accessories, and insect screen

Available in various sizes.

All frames are cuttable, 100% DIY

Simple installation steps

effectively prevent bugs, mosquitos

Packing, Storage, Handling and Transportation

Mail box/white box/color box, then outer carton box

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