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Mosquito Net Roll

Stiff quality mesh is a specialized insect screen fabric that is used for the production of roller insect screen systems both vertical & horizontal.

Product Details

Stiff quality mesh is a specialized insect screen fabric that is used for the production of roller insect screen systems both vertical & horizontal.

While maintaining all the properties of soft mesh the different way of production ensures the required stiffness for production of roller insect screen systems.

As a complementary to fiberglass standard insect screen, Stiff screen is produced for some retractable screen windows and doors, as it is more lighter, and premium quality and clarity

Stiff screen is fiberglass insect screen that provides durable and long-lasting protection against all types of insects, and excellent for use in retractable applications.

We offer Middle Stiff Screen and an enhanced stiff screen called Most Stiff Screen.

Stiff Screen is made of Thinner yarns and tighter weave compared to standard fiberglass

Unique construction allows for sharp and brilliant visibility through windows, doors, and all retractable applications

Better light transmission, airflow, and insect protection than standard


Fiberglass standard screen

Fiberglass stiff screen

Fiberglass bettervue screen

SMT-Fiberglass material

SMT-Fiberglass material

SMT-Fiberglass material





20*20mesh, etc.

Black, Grey, white gray, white, green, brown, ivory, etc.




30m, 50m, 90m, 100m, 183m, 300m, etc.



82-85g/m2, 85-90g/m2




32% fiberglass, 68%PVC

Anti Mosquitoes, anti insect

Warp direction >280N, Weft direction >240N

ISO9001-2000, TUV and CE Certificate, EN13561:2004(European Directives 89/106/



Both standard and stiff screen are ideal for all retractable window, door, and enclosure applications. The attractive appearance, excellent outward visibility and easy installation allows for a wide variety of additional applications.


Our fiberglass stiff mesh, we can produce middle stiff and most stiff

We are able to produce as thin as 0.27-0.28mm which enables our stiff mesh to be held more in the cassettes of roller screens systems.

And the mesh surface is neater, hence it can roll up and roll down more smoothly, not easily dent, crease, crinkle

Packing, Storage, Handling and Transportation

Carton box

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