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Mosquito Net Suppliers Wholesale

We, SMARTEX, are a factory boasting possessing a whole set of production line. We manufacture the products from raw fabric yarns to the finished mesh, and then to the finished screen windows & doors.

Product Details

Mosquito net manufacturer

Supply directly from factory with the economical wholesale prices.

Smartex insect screening products are composed of PVC-coated (Vinyl-coated) fiberglass or polyester yarns. The screens are strong, long-lasting and are not easily damaged.

It is widely used for windows, doors, patio doors, pool enclosures and other outside structures which can effectively present insects while allow airflows.

Fiberglass standard insect screen

The fiberglass standard insect screen is also called fiberglass soft insect screen.

Its main feature:

stable dimension    

high color stability    

good ventilation    



easily cleaned    

Smartex boasts advanced production lines, up-to-date technology, and we always use the best quality materials, produce stable quality insect screening products. We export to many countries.

No matter what is in your market, you can find it from us. As we are the manufacturer, we can produce according to your requirements.

The fiberglass insect screen is available in a choice of several mesh sizes, widths, and colors. We are able to customize upon request.

The most commonly seen is 18x16 mesh which is commonly used in frame screen windows and doors, retractable screen windows and doors, etc.

According to different mesh size and PVC-coated material compositions, other popular fiberglass mesh are:

* fiberglass insect screen 17x15

*betterview 20x20, 18x18

*stiff mesh

*Fiberglass pool & patio screen, 18x14


The most commonly seen colors are: Charcoal black, grey, white, green, blue, etc...

Pool & Patio Screen

Pool & Patio screens are used in large openings, which must be more stable and weather-resistant.

They are used in swimming pool enclosures, patio door enclosures, etc..

According the material compositions, Pool & patios screen is divided:

Tuff screen, 16x14, 17x20

fiberglass pool & patio screen 18x14

Tuff screen material is different from fiberglass insect screen. It is composed of PVC-coated polyester which is thicker and stronger.

Besides pool enclosures, they can be easily installed anywhere the traditional screening is used, including windows, doors, porches, gazebos, and screen rooms.

Pet Screen

Pet screen is made of Vinyl-coated polyester which is and ultra-strong screening offering the optimal solution for tears and damage caused by cats or dogs or other household pets.

The screening is much heavier than traditional fiberglass insect screen or aluminum screening, while still maintaining its excellent outward visibility qualities.

Aluminum Screen

Aluminum Screen is strong and durable, rust-resistant and will not sag.

It is made from this material offers good ventilation, protection from tiny bugs and high outward visibility for a crystal-clear view.

Pleated Screen

Pleated insect screen is also made from different materials:

PVC-coated pleated screen

100% pleated insect screen

PP/PE pleated screen

Pleated insect screen is well-liked for its special zig-zag appearance. It is used in plisse screen windows and doors, especially for large door enclosures. The pleats can be folded sideways hence disappear when not in use.


Packing is dependent on the materials, width, length, etc. Generally, all screens are packaged in plastic see-through bags, then into outer carton boxes.


1. How is the fiberglass insect screen is produced?

We are the manufacturer. We know exactly how the insect screen mesh is produced. The material is composed of glass fiber and PVC. The weaving and craftsmanship is made of glass fiber monofilament coating process, plain weaving, heating, and shaping.

2. Is PP screen good or fiberglass screen good?

Fiberglass window screens are better. Simply clean up when they are dirty. Just use a watering o spray the water from the inside out. You can add some detergent to the kitchen screen windows, then wait three to five minutes before spraying water on the fiberglass screens.

3. Is fiberglass insect screen expensive?

The fiberglass insect screen is inexpensive and good in use which is most households choice.

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