3 or 4 panels Insect screen door mesh curtains-2366
3 or 4 panels Insect screen door mesh curtains-2367
3 or 4 panels Insect screen door mesh curtains-2368
3 or 4 panels Insect screen door mesh curtains-2369

3 or 4 panels Insect screen door mesh curtains


MOQ: 500 pcs

Model: SMT-C-001

Brand: Smartex

Payment : L/C, T/T, ETC

Place of Origin: China

Certification: Reach, Rohs

Price: Negotiable

Packing details: White box or color box, then outer carton box

Delivery time: 20 days, depending on the quantity

Product Details

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Insect screen door is one of the most affordable flyscreen solutions. It is easy to install. No need screw, with hook and loop fastening tape. Moreover, it is size adjustable. You can cut the height and adjust the overlapped panels to fit onto your doors.

The flyscreen door curtain has good air permeability, no noise and good insect prevention effect, especially in summer, the installation of a screen door curtain can not only ventilate and dissipate heat but also block the harassment of mosquitoes.

No tools required for installation, Smartex flyscreen door curtains apply the finest fiberglass mesh and poly mesh blocking out flies, bugs, mosquitos and letting fresh air in. 

Poly   screen door curtain

Fiberglass   screen door curtain

Model   No.:



Standard Max size:

100 x 220 cm

4   panels, 28.5cm/Panel

100 x 220 cm

3   panels, 35cm/panel


Poly   mesh, PVC bar, Velcro

Fiberglass   mesh, PVC bar, Velcro


Front Fixing without any screw

Front Fixing without any screw


Black, grey, white, etc.

Black, grey, white, etc.

Size   adjustable




White   box

White   box

Product Advantages

1. DIY, effortless installation, no tools are required

2. Size adjustable can be cut into smaller sizes

3. PVC gravity pieces in the bottom

4. Hook&Loop sticks the PVC bar to the wall on the up side

5. Fiberglass mesh or Polyester mesh provides great view while keeping bugs out

6. Pet friendly and children friendly

7. Walk through no need hands, automatic closing

8. Much more affordable

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