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Retractable Fly Screens

Roller fly screens are among the most used and affordable solutions for windows and French doors.

Product Details

Roller fly screens are among the most used and affordable solutions for windows and French doors. They protect your home from both big and small insects, such as flies, beetles, bedbugs, but according to the kind of mesh used they can help you to keep pollen away avoiding allergies. Our roller fly screens have a certified high-quality structure in anodized or painted aluminum, available in different colors to suit your windows; aluminum is a tough material resistant to time, heat and atmospheric agents.

Roller fly screens can be equipped with a vertical or horizontal rolling-up system; in case of horizontal fly screens, two shutters are available for bigger size French doors. Thanks to the brush and the fibreglass mesh, roller fly screens avoid the entry of smaller insects, such as mosquitoes; the handle or the chain allow the mesh to be followed through along the runners, the friction avoids the fly screen to bump into the roller box; the closing block allows the fly screen to be completely and hermetically closed: it would be sufficient to push the central part of the handle where you can find the closing block. In case of horizontal fly screens, a magnet will avoid the automatic rolling up of the mesh. Thanks to the buttons and the anti-wind tape, the mesh remains perfectly stretched, in order to resist against wind and hits; if the mesh would break or run off, it will not be difficult to re-insert it in the runners or replace it, whose cost is very low.

Roller fly screens have a highly versatile protection system: according to your needs they can be installed between the roller shutter and the window and do not request any masonry intervention, since it requires a fast and clean installation.

Product name

Roll Up Mosquito Screen Window

Model No.



Net: PVC-coated fiberglass

Inner core roller: Aluminum

Cassette: Aluminum

Side rail: Aluminum

Profile color

Any aluminum RAL No. can be done

Profile material

Aluminum alloy

Lock mode

Lock inside

Mesh color



Wmax: 1.6M Hmax: 1.8M


Reach and Non-Reach



Surface treatment

Powder coating or customers required


Face fit and Recess fit

Brand name


Place of origin

Hebei, China



Living room window, bedroom window, kitchen window



Spring-loaded roller insect screen

Sturdy aluminum structure

Delicate cassette

Fully removable guide rails 

PVC coated fiberglass mesh

Permanent and lasting solution

Packing, Storage, Handling and Transportation

White box coated with shrinking film, then outer carton box

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