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Retractable Insect Screen

Retractable insect screens are the most affordable and effective solution for keeping insects out of your home.

Product Details

Retractable insect screens are the most affordable and effective solution for keeping insects out of your home. They are flexible, customisable, and easy to use too, plus they look good on your windows and/or doors.

These innovative insect screens are easy to open and close manually. The frames of the insect screens can be color matched to compliment the interior of any building including homes, offices, restaurants, hospitals etc. They are environmentally friendly and are an affordable option as they can be attached to an existing window or door opening.

Insect screens help keep out the annoying insects from entering the interior space through the open windows and doors while simultaneously allow for natural ventilation.

Apart from protecting against insects or small pests from entering an interior space, Insect screens allow natural ventilation to filter into the interior space which causes heat to escape from the building during the summer months. This contributes to the natural cooling of the building and therefore reduces or eliminates the need for mechanical cooling aiding in reduced electricity bills. Additionally leaving windows and doors open, air is circulated which in turn removes stagnant air, odors and pollutants from the interior of the building.

Product name

Roll Up Mosquito Screen Window

Model No.



Net: PVC-coated fiberglass

Inner core roller: Aluminum

Cassette: Aluminum

Side rail: Aluminum

Profile color

Any aluminum RAL No. can be done

Profile material

Aluminum alloy

Lock mode

Lock inside

Mesh color



Wmax: 1.6M Hmax: 1.8M


Reach and Non-Reach



Surface treatment

Powder coating or customers required


Face fit and Recess fit

Brand name


Place of origin

Hebei, China

Living room window, bedroom window, kitchen window


Premium materials, aluminum frame, fiberglass mesh, quality weatherstrips and precision design ensure durability, smooth performance and give you a professionally installed look at do-it-yourself prices, highly rated for appearance and functionality

Recoil speed reduction mechanism provides smooth/safe performance of retraction, child safety compliant to high safety standards, access to outdoors provides first floor occupants facilitated emergency exit, particularly useful for children/elderly

Compatible with almost any existing or new window and almost any window brand, each kit is adjustable, fitting various window sizes of either custom or standard windows

Stylish, high quality enamel gloss finish of aluminum frame updates entire window opening, making entire window seem new and looks great in any style of room, UV fade resistant

Screen retractability provides convenience of easier access to outdoors, healthier indoor environments and greater safety, practically self cleaning mesh and high quality finish makes product conveniently easy to clean and maintain

Product materials are all non-toxic materials and no toxic materials were used in any part of production or manufacturing process

Packing, Storage, Handling and Transportation

White box coated with shrinking film, then outer carton box

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