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Retractable Screen Window

The PVC roller fly screen is a practical and effective insect solution that can be installed within the window recess.

Product Details

The PVC roller fly screen is a practical and effective insect solution that can be installed within the window recess. 

Operated like a traditional roller blind, just pull the handle bar down until it engages with the catches at the bottom of each side guide.  To release the screen, press down on the handle bar and pull towards you to disengage it from the catches, the spring tension will pull the screen back up effortlessly. If necessary, the tension can be adjusted using an Allan key on the spring side of the screen cassette.    




Model Number

SMT-R-001; SMT-R-001PVC

Mesh material

Net: Fiberglass

Inner core roller: Aluminum

Cassette: Aluminum/PVC

Side rail: Aluminum/PVC

Profile color

White/brown/wooden or customized

Profile material


Lock mode

Lock inside

Mesh color



Wmax: 1.6M Hmax: 1.8M


Simple design, simple clean, simple install, simple use, simple repair.


Living room window, bedroom window, kitchen window


Let the fresh air in and keep the bugs out, all year round!

100% natural and effective protection for flies, mosquitos, wasps and more

Optimum combination of maximum airflow, visibility and protection

Quick and easy to install, simple to use

Probably the most economical fly screen you will find online...

Packing, Storage, Handling and Transportation

White box coated with shrinking film, then outer carton box

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